About Us



It’s On is a mindset: everything we take on, everything we do, and everything we are...It’s On.  It takes someone uniquely qualified to not only handle what life throws at us, but to excel at it.  It’s On is a way of life. A proclamation that you don’t give up - “It’s On.” A statement of fact - “Bet, It’s On.”  A response to any challenge - “Aight, It’s On!” It’s On is part of you. It’s On is late nights, early mornings, and everything in between.  It’s On is leadership, drive, ambition, and heart. It’s On is blood, sweat, tears, motivation, and dedication.  It’s On is believing in yourself, even when no one else does.  At It’s On we take no L’s.  We live, we learn and we keep pushin’.  Do you have what it takes? It’s On!!!