About Us

          "Where Street Meets Style"

It's On Clothing is a lifestyle brand dedicated to offering quality apparel for all aspects of your life. We combine fit, functionality and style to bring you versatile active and lounge wear.

                                 Owner and CEO of It's On Clothing DaVon Walker:

My great passion is music; I also have a deep love for fashion and athletics.  In essence, It's On Clothing is derived from a desire to combine my passions and produce a quality lifestyle clothing brand.  Growing up as an athlete, what struck me most was how you can make great things happen if you put the right pieces into play.  Building a team and building a brand are remarkably similar in that way.

I've always been a people person, always enjoyed bringing people together.  Every project I've worked on, the business ventures I've begun, have held that common thread.  In high school that started with me throwing parties, djing.  After graduation I moved to Oklahoma City for college and well,  that didn't quite go as planned, but the experience did lead to the realization that music was where my heart was at!  I began working with local acts, doing promotions, learning the music business.  I was fascinated with the whole process, but needed to monetize my skills, so made the move to Ohio to attend a top school for Audio Engineering.  After engineering school I moved back to OKC and met a few talented, hard working artists who were gearing up for a tour, which led to my stint as a tour manager.  During this time I also started a record label and management company, It's On Records.

When you're doing positive things, pursuing your passions, there will always be naysayers.  People who doubt your ability, commitment, skill, whatever.  "It's On!" was something I would say to doubters, it became a mantra whenever I was challenged or taking on a new project.  That's honestly how It's On was born.  It was during this time that I began making custom shirts to wear while out and about or on tour.  It started with the t-shirts, had the logo put on a hat for myself, and even had a custom (one of a kind!) coat made.  Those - of course - generated interest, and friends, family, people at venues, started requesting and wearing the t-shirts.  We're all about functionality, style, quality, and comfort.  The positive response has been overwhelming.  It's been a long road to this point, with other milestones along the way, but ultimately I made the decision to create the It's On Clothing brand.